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The Ultimate Game Directory, TUGD.com, will launch shortly at this address. If you would like to receive a mail when the site launches, please enter your email address below and click Submit.

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TUGD.com preview / beta test

By invitation only - if you have received a username and password to access the pre-release site, which is under active development, you may enter by clicking here.

TUGD.com information

TUGD.com is set to become a leading directory of online games. All kinds of online games, whether browser-based or with a dedicated client, will be catered for in our extensive listing, categorized by genre and with extensive search facilities. We are employing advanced technologies to empower gamers and game owners alike to get the best experience possible. We are independent of commercial interests from the big labels, and driven by a community of online gamers.

At the center of the site is the Top Games listings, which is a list of the 10 most popular games, determined by user votes, which are featured prominently on the front page.

Each game listing includes a variety of information about the game, including visuals, and of course a direct link to the game's homepage.

Advantages for Online Gamers

TUGD.com is a one-stop resource for all your online gaming needs. You can help promote your favourite online game by voting for it, search for other games that match your interests, and take part in the online forums where all kinds of online games are discussed.

You have the option to create your own profile, so you can rate the games you love and hate, and write your personal reviews to help others find the game that's right for them.

Our advanced search facility will match you up with games that we think you'll like, based on your profile. This works by comparing your profile and ratings with others who voted and rated similar games like you. So by voting, and posting reviews and ratings, you are helping expand this "data mining" network, and guiding other people who share your taste in games.

Finally, reviewers recruited from the community of dedicated online gamers, will each month be cruising the net (and the TUGD.com directory) for great new and old games to review. Games officially reviewed by TUGD.com associate reviewers will be featured on the Reviews section of the site.

Advantages for Game Owners

Any online game is eligible for registration by the game owner or others, and we provide a mechanism whereby a game owner can be authenticated and take control of their game listing.

Any listed game is eligible for a Top Games listing based on the numbers of votes it receives. The 10 highest ranking games will be featured prominently on the front page, along with a link to the full game feature in our database. The Top List is reset monthly, and the previous 6 winning games will be featured in a special "Previous winners" section, also prominently displayed on the front page. To ensure diversity in the top listing, a game is not eligible to win the poll more than once every 6 months.

Every visitor to TUGD.com is allowed one vote per day for his or her favourite game. To ensure fairness in the vote, several advanced technologies are employed to prevent automated voting using scripts or similar. We allow the Game Owners to reward their players for voting for a game, and provide an API to facilitate this. The Game Owner can create a personal link, containing a username or other unique identification of a player, for the player to vote for a game. If the player votes, and the vote is accepted, our server will call a URL on the Game Owner's site, containing the unique key supplied, thus making it possible to instantly reward a player for his or her vote.

Advertising on TUGD.com

The main source of revenue required to keep TUGD.com on the air and constantly updated with new content is advertising. We provide highly targeted advertising for the gaming market through the 3 banners shown on every page at TUGD.com:

Our advertising rates are very competitive, and due to the targeted nature of the site, a well-designed banner campaign can provide a much higher click-through rate compared to other, more general offerings. We do offer discounts if you want to take more than one banner and/or commit to advertising on our site for a longer period. Full, real-time statistics of impressions and click-through rate is available to advertisers. Flash banners, animated banners, and similar are supported, but every banner ad is subject to individual approval by the TUGD.com management - inappropriate banners will not be accepted. Please contact sales@tugd.com to get a quote. We provide a guaranteed number of impressions for all banner ads.

Special promotions and campaigns

Since we want to support smaller games who may not be able to afford the cost of banner advertising, we will run a limited number of special promotions for approved games. This includes the special "Giveaways" promotions: if you want to promote your game by giving TUGD.com readers a special advantage, such as a free membership. These promotions are selected individually by our staff, and will only be accepted if they include some sort of exclusive offer to TUGD.com readers. If you want your game to be considered for a special promotion of this type, please email promotions@tugd.com with the details.

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